Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 4


Kangaroos, Macropus rufus, Range management, Regeneration, Environmental impact, Western Australia

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After years of severe drought, stocking rates in Western Australia s arid rangelands have been kept low since the 1970s to allow native pastures to regenerate. As well, extensive re-seeding programs have started and sheep and cattle grazing on these areas has been restricted or eliminated. However, pasture regeneration in the rangelands can only succeed when grazing by all animals - sheep, cattle, kangaroos, goo.ts, camels, brumbies and donkeys - is controlled Many more red kangaroos roam throughout Western Australia's pastoral areas today than 20 years ago. The installation of windmills and troughs to water domestic livestock has allowed kangaroo numbers to increase, and they now roam over larger areas of potentially suitable habitat than would otherwise have been possible.