Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 4


Mark Stevens


Wheat, Varieties, Quality, Milling quality, Protein content

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The choice between which wheat variety to plant has always been a trade-off between yield and wheat quality. When wheat prices were higher and quality payments were less, quality considerations were of little importance and varieties were selected almost entirely on yield potential. Now, with low wheat prices and a greater emphasis on wheat quality from our customers, growers must place more importance on quality characteristics when selecting varieties. For example, should a grower select a higher yielding average quality wheat such as Spear, or a lower yielding, good quality wheat such as Machete? The important question a wheat grower needs to ask for each paddock cropped to wheat each year is: "At the time I will be seeding this paddock, which variety is likely to give me the combination of yield (quantity) and quality (grain protein) which will maximize my profit?"