Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 4


D R. King


Sodium fluoroacetate, Toxicity, Dasyurus hallucatus, Western Australia

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The poison 1080 is used in baits to control animal pests such as dingoes, rabbits and, indirectly, foxes. There is always the risk that some "non target" animals, particularly our native animals, might eat the baits and die, although investigations indicate that many southern native mammals are tolerant of 1080. The compound 1080 is found in many native plants growing in southern Western Australia, in the genera Gastrolobium and Oxylobium, and over the centuries native animals have built up resistance to its effects. Until recently the tolerances to 1080 of only a few animals from the pastoral areas were known. The results of a two-year study showed that a native carnivorous marsupial, the northern quoll, was considered most likely at risk. However, a recent field study indicated that the northern quoll is not at risk from aerial baiting programmes to control dingoes

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