Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 4


Fertilizers, Application methods, Peel Inlet (W.A.), Harvey River Estuary (W.A.), Western Australia

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If modified fertiliser practices are adopted phosphorus losses from the Peel-Harvey catchment can be reduced. Farmers can save money on fertiliser applications and the need for more expensive catchment management measures to reduce algal pollution of the estuary will be avoided.

Research data available so far indicate that, with farmer co-operation and the use of the new slow release fertiliser New Coastal Superphosphate, long-term phosphorus application rates can be reduced by 30-40 per cent - and possibly even halved - without lowering agricultural production. This will also reduce phosphorus loss to drainage water.

Although much of the research since 1982 has concentrated on the Peel-Harvey catchment, many of the results apply to all of the high rainfall coastal belt between Perth and Albany. Already farmers throughout this area have benefited from the research