Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 4


Saline soils, Surveys, Western Australia

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It has long been recognised that the clearing of land for agriculture in the south western Australia is followed by the development of saline soils and streams.

In 1955 and again in 1962, in conjunction with the annual statistical returns, farmers in Western Australia were asked to supply estimates of salt-affected land on their properties.

In 1974 a further survey was conducted, in co-operation with the Australian Bureau of Statistics, using questions covering only the basic information. As the information is again available on a Shire basis a direct comparison can be made with the 1962 survey except for some high and low rainfall areas not included in 1962.

Comparison of 1974 survey results with those for the 1962 saltland survey indicates both marked increases and decreases in various shires.