Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 4


Rumex, Weed control, Western Australia

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A survey carried out by the Department of Agriculture has shown that docks are the most serious weed of the higher rainfall areas of Western Australia. They are estimated to cost farmers $400 000 annually in lost production. One of the main reasons why they are important weeds is that they regenerate rapidly from tubers and compete with desirable annual pasture species. Also the upright dock flowering stems are woody and unpalatable. Individual plants become intertwined and deter stock from grazing summer pastures.

Results from the survey of the dock problem are given in this article. The findings show that docks are spreading and that farmers are concerned about them.

The Department of Agriculture began a research programme in 1973 to develop an effective means of controlling docks. This article gives progress results from the studies with current recommendations for controlling docks.