Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 4

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Effects of water quality on irrigated pastures


Irrigated pastures, Irrigation water, Water quality

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Soil sampling of an irrigated Dardanup soil during the 1972/73 summer suggested that yields of salt sensitive pasture species such as white clover may have been depressed by more than 10 per cent because of the salinity of irrigation water causing seasonal increases in the salt content of the soil.

It was necessary to make a more direct measure of the effects of water quality on pasture yield and composition and to do this a site was selected at Benger where irrigation water was available from both the Wellington and Stirling dams.


Found in previous article The effect of applied nitrogen and subterranean clover on the growth of doublegee D J. Gilbey Vol 15 No 3 Page No 86-87

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