Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 4

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Evaporation from a dam


Dams, Evaporation

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Water lost by evaporation from a farm dam is difficult to measure accurately, because of other unknown losses such as seepage through the sides and bottom. Bureau of Meteorology evaporation charts indicate the amount of evaporation which may be expected from a standard pan, 1.22 m in diameter and 0.23 m deep.

In the case of farm dams, shelter provided by their banks and the greater water surface area lead to speculation whether their actual rate of evaporation is the same as pan evaporation.

In co-operation with the Public Works Department, weekly rainfall and depth measurements were taken over a seven-year period from a concrete-lined dam near Wagin.


found in previous article. Nitrogen for pastures Department of Agriculture, Western Australia Vol 14 No 4 Page No 255-258

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