Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 4


G R W Meadly


Moraea, Weed control, Western Australia

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SOUTH Africa has provided us with a number of undesirable weeds including doublegee, Berkheya thistle, Guildford grass and stinking roger, but outstanding among the weed introductions from that country are two species of Homeria known as Cape Tulip.

The salmon-coloured flowers and long grass-like leaves are known to farmers in many localities extending from Geraldton to Albany and as far east as Bruce Rock and Merredin. Beyond the metropolitan area the largest infestations occur in the Northam, York, Beverley and Williams districts where thousands of acres of good land are affected.


CORRECTIONS In the article on Cape Tulip (Pages 593 to 599 in the July issue of "The Journal of Agriculture") some words were omitted from the seventh line on Page 598. Instead of reading "One hundred gallons per 48 square yards"—this should read "One hundred gallons per acre, that is one gallon per 48 square yards, is a convenient rate, etc."