Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 3

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Recent radio talks


Dairy, water supplies apples, irrigated pastures, Lupinosis, Doublegees, Tobacco, radio isotopes, Ants, canker, Cabbage white moth, Scale, Fodder crops, Rabbits.

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Recent Rural Radio Talks

Dairy Hygiene is Important; - D.C. Mickle

Farm Water Supplies; - K. Needham

Handling the Apple Crop; - K. Whitely

Renovation of Irrigated Pastures; - Dairying division

More About Lupinosis; - H. W. Bennetts

Progress in Doublegee Control; - Norman Halse

Changing Practices in Tobacco Growing in W.A.; - G. A. Pearce

Progress in doublegee control; - G.A. Pearce

Some Uses of Radio Isotopes in Agriculture; - E. N. Fitzpatrick

Guildford Grass—Sign of a Run-Down Pasture; - R. A. Bettenay

Silage and when to feed it; - R. Bettenay

Ants in the Apiary; - R. S. Coleman

Bacterial Canker of Stone Fruits; - Olga M. Goss

Poison Plants in the Home Garden; - R. D. Royce

The Cabbage White Butterfly; - C. F. H. Jenkins

Summer Treatments for San Jose Scale; - C. F. H. Jenkins

Preparations for Fodder Conservation; - H.G. Cariss

Sudan Grass Survived Dry Summer; - R.A. Bettenay

Root Maggot Flies; - J. A. Button

Fallowing for Cropping; - A.S. Wild

Feeding for Milk Quality; - L. C. Snook

The Rabbit— Friend or Foe. A. R. Tomlinson