Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 3


Laundering, ironing, sewing.

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Knitting needles will be clicking again shortly as numerous garments are laboriously constructed revealing intricate patterns and styles. Even the plainest of woollens takes some time to make and all are expensive. All this painstaking work can be undone in a few minutes of careless handling during laundering. Once the damage has been done it is permanent and nothing can be done to return the garments to their former beauty.

THAT well-dressed and well-groomed appearance which every woman longs to achieve is only possible when each item of one's outfit blends in that unobtrusive perfection which comes from attention to details. How often, for instance, have you seen attractive and highly becoming frocks marred by lumpy, uneven hems fastened with stitches that are so obvious that they almost appear to be part of the trimming?