Changing farm practice to meet environmental objectives of nutrient loss to Oyster Harbour

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Fertiliser Research


diffuse nutrient loss, management, agriculture, fertilizer, soil testing, water and erosion control


Eutrophication problems in waterbodies in south-western Australia are primarily caused by inputs of nutrients from diffuse sources within the agricultural catchments of these waterbodies. To reduce the algal growth and seagrass decline caused by these inputs, it is essential to modify land management to minimise nutrient losses. Permanent reduction in nutrient losses from agricultural catchments should involve voluntary changes in farm management practices based on improved land management. Specifically, these include on-farm nutrient management such as soil testing, fertilizer management, the use of perennial plants, and water and erosion control measures to reduce nutrient loss from rural land. This paper describes the management of nutrient loss from the catchment of Oyster Harbour on the south coast of Western Australia using a co-operative approach.