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Fisheries Research Report No. 232


Government of Western Australia Department of Fisheries




1035 - 4549


Objectives: • To further develop the current conventional PCRs being used to investigate two CLO’s in pearl oysters and use these PCRs in an attempt to gain further sequence data. An expansion of the current known sequence data will be used to develop a real-time PCR that is specific and sensitive enough to detect and differentiate between the two CLO’s in pearl oysters. The real-time PCR will be validated at two independent laboratories using known OOD-positive and negative control samples. • To test healthy versus OOD-affected pearl oysters to determine if the presence of either or both CLO’s plays a role in the onset of OOD. Pinctada maxima samples from Queensland will be tested as negative control animals to determine the prevalence of the two CLO’s. This study will determine if there is a link between the presence of these CLO’s and the onset of OOD. • To survey non-maxima shellfish associated with pearl farms to determine the prevalence of these organisms in molluscs in Australian waters, and whether there are further molluscan reservoir hosts. Any positive samples obtained will be confirmed by sequencing the PCR product.

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Pinctada maxima; Pearl oysters; Molluscs ; Diseases; Disease detection; Polymerase chain reaction; Australia