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Fisheries Research Report No. 211


Government of Western Australia Department of Fisheries


1 921258 94 2


1035 - 4549


The distribution of marron in the southwest of Australia has seen many changes since European settlement. Reconstructions of their range from historical records suggested that marron inhabited the waters between the Harvey River and Denmark River. Due to translocation, their range has expanded as far north as the Hutt River and as far east as Esperance. Although at present marron still exist in all the original rivers within the southwest, their distribution within these rivers has contracted. Poor water quality, salinity, low rainfall and environmental degradation in the upper and lower reaches have restricted marron populations.

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Marron; Cherax cainii; Recreational fishing; Fishery biology; Fishery management; Environmental effects; Environmental factors; Anthropogenic factors; Man-induced effects; Geographical distribution; Population density; Population number; Mortality; Gear selectivity; Catch and effort; Sampling; Western Australia

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