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Department of Fisheries Western Australia




In late 1987, the Minister approved a development plan for the South Coast Inshore Trawl Fishery (Fisheries Management Paper No. 13) and made a number of notices regulating trawling activities in the Recherche Archipelago. Fishing Boat Licences were subsequently ‘endorsed’ by reference to those notices. The development plan was declared to be for a period ending 31 December 1989, subject to extension for a further year if necessary. Despite the considerable interest in the fishery during 1986 to 1989, fishing results demonstrated that the economic returns were marginal and a number of operators withdrew from participation in the fishery (at which time their eligibility to operate in the fishery lapsed). By 1993, only four fishing boat licences remained endorsed to use trawl gear in the fishery. To date, these same four licences continue to have conditions/endorsements intended to permit certain trawl activities in State-controlled waters on the south coast.

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Fishery management, Western Australia, Trawling, Scallop fisheries, Bottom trawling, Environmental impact.


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