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Fisheries Department of Western Australia




Gascoyne has seen a series of rapid developments in recreational fisheries management, starting with the introduction of state-wide bag limits in 1991; followed by area specific controls at Ningaloo in 1992; landing limits in Exmouth Gulf in 1993; strict controls on the take of pink snapper in Shark Bay’s inner gulfs in 1997; new bag limits for Shark Bay in 1998; and the introduction of a management system for the charter and aquatic tour industry in 1999. The management proposals presented for community discussion in this paper are aimed at maintaining or improving the quality and diversity of the Gascoyne's recreational fisheries in the face of inexorable increases in population and fishing pressures.

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Gascoyne (region) - Western Australia. ; Western Australia ; Environment management. ; Tourist trade. ; Fishery policy. ; Fishery management. ; Fishery regulations. ; Recreational fishing.


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