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Canola, herbicide use, environmental impact quotient, gross margin, Roundup Ready, canola, wild radish, sequential spray, GT-61, Hyola 601, Annual Ryegrass, glyphosate, GM Canola, Lolium rigidum, metolachlor, resistance, logarithmic sprayer, Roundup, Genetic Modification (GM), herbicide resistance, phosphorus, runoff, biochar, biochar-mineral complex, wheat production, fertiliser, carbon sequestration, potassium, sulphur, critical level, soil nutrient stratification, zero-tillage, crop P use efficiency, wheat, lupins, pasture super phos rotation, grain yield and protein, wheat quality, protein quality, soil acidity, lime, phosphorus availability, yield monitor, crop responsiveness to nitrogen, variable rate, water repellence, mouldboard plough, rotary spader, deep ripping, soil compaction, organic carbon, soil acidity, pH, agricultural lime, weeds



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