C. Tang, University of Western Australia
Z. Rengel, University of Western Australia
E. Diatloff, University of Western Australia
B. McGann, University of Western Australia
Mehmet Cakir, University of Western Australia
Nick Galwey, University of Western AustraliaFollow
David Poulsen, Queensland Department of Primary Industries
M. Carter, Murdoch University
A. Briney, Murdoch University
R. Wilson, Agriculture Western Australia
R. H. Potter, Murdoch University
M. G. K. Jones, Murdoch University
Ian Barclay, Agriculture Western Australia
Robyn McLean, Agriculture Western Australia
Dean Diepeveen, Agriculture Western AustraliaFollow
Robert Loughman, Agriculture Western Australia
Ross Kingwell, Agriculture Western Australia University of Western Australia
Michael O'Connell, Agriculture Western Australia
Simone Blennerhasset, Agriculture Western Australia
Benjamin Michael Tiller, Muresk Institute of Agriculture
Senthold Asseng, CSIRO Plant IndustryFollow
Holger Meinke, APSRU/DPI
Bill Bowden, Agriculture Western AustraliaFollow
Jeff Russell, Agriculture Western Australia
Ivan Lee, Farmer Kunjin TopCrop group, Corrigin
Clare Johnson, Quality Wheat CRC Ltd
Chris Newman, Agriculture Western Australia
Robert Emery, Agriculture Western AustraliaFollow
Romolo Tassone, Agriculture Western Australia
Ernestos Kostas, Agriculture Western Australia
Graeme Ralph, Pioneer Hi-Bred Australia Pty Ltd
Robert Sudmeyer, Agriculture Western Australia
David Hall, Agriculture Western AustraliaFollow
Harvey Jones, Agriculture Western Australia

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Agriculture Western Australia



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Genotypic variation, root proliferation, subsoil acidity, molecular, DNA markers, in yield, quality, disease resistance, agronomic characters, breeding, rust, sprouting, crop prices, rotations, marketing, risk management, wheat, grain yield, yield forecast, SOI, on-farm testing, variety evaluation, storage, aeration, insect, training, pest management information, grain protection, resistance, soil type, fertility, weed control, selection, shelter, windbreaks, microclimate, soil water, wind erosion, crop growth


This session covers twelve papers from different authors:


1.Response to subsoil acidity of wheat genotypes differing in Al-tolerance, C. Tang, Z. Rengel, E. Diatloff and B. McGann, Soil Science and Plant Nutrition/CLIMA, University of Western Australia

2. Application of molecular markers in Barley Improvement, Mehmet Cakir1, Nick Galwey1 and David Poulsen2, 1Plant Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Western Australia, 2Queensland Department of Primary Industries, Hermitage Research Station, Queensland

3. Implementation of molecular markers for wheat improvement in the Western Region, M. Carter1, A. Briney1, R. Wilson2, R.H. Potter1 and M.G.K. Jones1, 1Western Australian State Agricultural Biotechnology Centre, Murdoch University, 2Crop Industries, Agriculture Western Australia

4. Performance in 1999 of recently released wheat varieties in Western Australia, Robin Wilson, Iain Barclay, Robyn McLean, Dean Diepeveen and Robert Loughman, Agriculture Western Australia


5. Outlook for prices and implications for rotations, Ross Kingwell1 2, Michael O’Connell1, Simone Blennerhasset1 1Agriculture Western Australia, 2University of Western Australia

6. Price Risk Management and the Western Australian Grain Producer, Benjamin Michael Tiller, Muresk Institute of Agriculture


7. Can we forecast wheat yields in Western Australia, Senthold Asseng1, Holger Meinke2, and Bill Bowden3, 1CSIRO Plant Industry, 2 APSRU/DPI, 3Agriculture Western Australia


8. On-farm testing, the quiet revolution continues, Jeff Russell1, Ivan Lee2 1Agriculture Western Australia, 2 Farmer Kunjin TopCrop group, Corrigin


9. CD-ROM tool for growers and advisers: Managing on-farm grain storage – effective practices for the delivery of quality assured products, Clare Johnson1, Chris Newman2 1Quality Wheat CRC Ltd, 2Production Resource Protection Services, Agriculture Western Australia

10. The Internet as a tool for managing grain insects, Robert Emery, Romolo Tassone and Ernestos Kostas, Agriculture Western Australia


11. Summer crop Update and agronomic considerations, Graeme Ralph, Pioneer Hi-Bred Australia Pty Ltd

12. The effect of tree windbreaks on grain yield in the medium and low rainfall areas in Western Australia, Robert Sudmeyer, David Hall and Harvey Jones, Agriculture Western Australia


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