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Climate change and policies introduced to reduce emissions will affect the agricultural sector and will lead to social and economic outcomes.

In addressing the Western Australian Government's priority plan for the agriculture and food sector, the Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia has a number of roles it can play to assist industry to adapt and respond to climate change.

This document provides a balanced and coordinated strategic direction for climate change activities by identifying and prioritising key actions to be achieved over the next five years. The strategy is split into four chapters: emissions abatement, carbon sinks, adapting to climate change, and communication within the Department and with other governments.

Each chapter provides an overview, review of progress to date, key outcomes sought and a prioritised list of future works that will contribute to achieving the outcomes. The actions listed in the strategy provide a framework for the Department on climate change, and our climate change initiatives will align with this strategy.

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Climate change, emissions abatement, carbon sinks, adapting to climate change, governance, Western Australia


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Climate change response strategy